We've lost my prostate, mate! ... And life goes on - eBook - PDF file format

One man's story and practical survival guide for Prostate Cancer

eBook (PDF file format)

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer once in a lifetime is enough. In 2011, Alan faced a second round with this life-

threatening disease.

This is Alan White's story about the diagnosis, the decision making, the surgery and the road to recovery.

Alan's years of experience as a natural health practitioner and counsellor helped him and his wife, Fiona, to make the choice that no man really wants to make - surgical removal of the prostate gland - and to recover, physically and emotionally.

Talking about the things not usually discussed - sex after surgery, giant incontinence pads and how to wrangle your overnight urine bag - Alan shares his story and his discoveries.

Fiona adds her tips for partners of men facing prostate cancer.

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